About US

Trish Roulette- President

Trish and Roger founded TEGRITY CONTRACTORS, INC together after working as a team in the construction industry for nearly 10 years.  Trish is focused on building a company that is dedicated to doing the right thing and building long lasting relationships with our clients and contractors. Trish and Roger have worked hand in hand together to build a company that they can be proud of.

Roger Roulette- Vice President

Roger sets a high standard for the company and all of the employees and has done so since he and Trish began the company in 1998. Roger has worked in the construction industry since receiving his bachelor's degree from Howard Payne University. Roger continues to keep the company focused on maintaining our goals to provide a high standard of quality and excellence, and to maintain a strong long lasting and trusting relationship with all of our clients.

Brad Gibson- Vice President

Brad has been a part of Tegrity Contractors, Inc. since shortly after the company began in 1998. Brad's focus to details and his outstanding organizational skills make him a key part of the Tegrity team.